Z4 Investment Sample


Is your current investment not measuring up? Is it time you start looking for a new investment? One that can deliver on its promises? Maybe it's time you tried Z4.

Z4 is a different product, unlike any other investment on the market today. Using Z4 requires a different approach, a much more simplified approach that is distinct in many ways from other investments. When you start working with Z4 you will get the best results by keeping an open mind, leaving aside everything you might have been told or procedures you might have followed when working with other investments.

Over the years casting and pressing procedures have become overly complicated. Z4 was developed to make it possible to achieve the best results without having to jump through hoops in order to make things work.

So request your Free Trial Kit today. When it arrives set the product aside and review the instructions before going any further. If you have any questions give us a call - we can give you liquid concentration recommendations for your specific alloy, some additional tips and things to definitely avoid. When you are ready to try the product be sure to pick a simple case for your first casting or pressing. This way you can tweak the expansion to fit your needs before moving on to a more complicated case. Then just follow our instructions. (not the instructions from your old investment or the way you have been doing it for the past years)

It really is that simple. Follow our instructions (don't add any additional unnecessary steps) and you'll be on your way to better results in no time at all.