Uni Waxer: The 3 in 1 waxing device


Whether you want to multitask, or you just want to get the best bang for your buck, the BK-Medent Uni Waxer is the perfect choice. This 3 in 1 dental waxing device combines a wax dipping pot, an electric wax pencil and a flame-free wax instrument heater into one compact unit. The Uni Waxer dramatically reduces bench clutter, while removing the danger of open flames.

A very user-friendly device, the Uni Waxer gives dental technicians the option to use all three functions in whatever configuration they desire. For example, while using the electric wax pencil the wax dipping pot can be kept at the ready so that copings can be dipped at any time. Another great advantage of the Uni Waxer is that technicians don't have to choose between traditional wax carving instruments or an electric wax pencil. With a flame-free instrument heater built in users can easily switch between their favorite wax tools or the electric wax pencil. The best of both worlds!

At less than 6.5" wide and 5.25" deep, the footprint of the Uni Waxer is smaller than the size of other dental lab waxers that only offer one of the functions of the Uni Waxer. With bench space at a premium the Uni Waxer replaces a Bunsen burner, a stand alone wax dipping pot and an electric waxer with one compact and safe device.

Did we mention that you can get all these great features for only $299? It's time to order your Uni Waxer today.