Free is not always better


Not only is free not always better, sometimes free is not any good at all. So when it comes to the tools you use to measure liquids in your dental laboratory we recommend you throw out those free liquid measurement cylinders that you might get with some products. Why? Because they could actually be costing you a lot of time and money.

We've tested many of these cylinders and very rarely are they even remotely accurate. In one case we measured a cylinder that was supposed to be 25 ml and it was actually 28 ml - a full 3 ml difference. The explanation for this is quite simple: They are cheap plastic cylinders that are not suitable for use in a dental laboratory. The inconsistencies and fluctuations from these cheap devices can cause many unwanted problems.

Using the example above let's assume the measuring cylinder we are using is off by +3 ml. When we measure out the liquid for our investment we can get a measurement that is off by as much as 12%. When we mix our investment the liquid to powder ratio is not correct, but at this point we might not even realize it. But the end results can be problematic and can include an inconsistent fit or investment breakdown, along with many other issues.

The solution to the problem is actually quite simple - all you need to do is purchase a high quality graduated cylinder such as our 100 ml, 50 ml or 25 ml Graduated Cylinders. Sure they are not free, but they will save you more in the long run.

We started offering our Graduated Cylinders because we always had people asking us what type of measurement device to use, and we wanted to be able to offer them one of the most accurate options. Vacalon Graduated Cylinders are designed with a special feature that eliminates the surface tensions that pulls the edges of liquid up and cause a concave shaped meniscus to form. The elimination of the meniscus allows dental technicians to take easy and accurate measurements of water, investment liquids and other special liquids.

The above image illustrates how difficult it can be to read the measurement when you have a meniscus, and how easy it is to read once the meniscus is removed. In addition to getting rid of the meniscus Vacalon Graduated Cylinders are made from crystal clear PMP material and have raised numeric increments that make measuring liquids a simple and accurate task. Plus, they are easy to clean, have a generous pour spout and a wide base to prevent tipping.

If you are still using a "free" measuring device ask yourself how "free" it really is, then place your order for some Vacalon Graduated Cylinders today.