Meet the Art Waxer


This month we are excited to introduce the Art Waxer - the latest addition to our popular wax equipment lineup. The Art Waxer boasts dual waxing pencils, special touch functionality and comes complete with a wide selection of waxing tips. Best of all you can get the Art Waxer at an introductory price of only $249.

The Art Waxer has a practical design and is constructed to offer years of trouble free use. The smart, built-in programming allows the tips to heat up quickly and maintain the desired temperature throughout the waxing process.

The Art Waxer controls are always right at your fingertips. Temperature settings, temperature adjustments and programming can all be managed with the easy to use control buttons, offering minimal interruption. Users can choose to work in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperatures, and the desired settings are stored even after turning the device off.

The wax pencils have soft silicone grips that keep the handle cool and comfortable. Even over long periods of use the special grips can help decrease hand fatigue and make working with the Art Waxer a stress-free experience.

Another unique feature of the Art Waxer is the special "touch function". This feature allows the temperature to be increased by a preset amount, or decreased back to original temperature, with a simple tap at the end of the handle. This can be useful when moving between different types of wax, such as sculpturing, margin and sticky waxes.

To make sure dental technicians have the right tool for any waxing job the Art Waxer comes complete with seven different tips. And to keep the tips close at hand there is a convenient holder on the back of the unit. Magnetic cradles on both sides of the unit offer a convenient way to store wax pencils when finished, or even when taking a brief break.

Get more information or order your Art Waxer today at our website or by calling 800.729.8192.