Porcelain Carving Tool


The BK-Medent Porcelain Carving Tool is a simple, yet very unique dual ended instrument. On one end it has a serrated needle-type tip that is great for tasks like carving anatomy or adjusting occlusal shapes. On the other end is is a curved, spoon-like design that is ideal for shaping porcelain or smoothing out recently carved areas for a clean, finished result.

Another great use that technicians have found for the Porcelain Carving Tool is using the thin, needle-type tip to apply stains. The tip is great for reaching into deep fissures, and it allows you to place very small amounts of stain in a precise manner. This is great for full contour all-ceramic cases where it can be harder to place the stains with a brush.

We've got two great videos that show some of the different ways the Porcelain Carving Tool can be used. Check them out below, and then head over to our site to order your Porcelain Carving Tool.