Porcelain sculpturing made easy


From time to time we get questions about the BK-Medent Porcelain Sculpturing Blade & Handle Sets. People typically have questions about how to choose from the different blade and handle sets that are available. So we thought we would put together a quick "Buyers Guide" to help you select the set, or sets, you want to order.

To start off with there are 3 different handles available, giving technicians a choice of different materials and profiles. The handles have a solid feel while remaining lightweight, balanced and comfortable to handle. All of the handles have the Quick Change Blade System, and the interchangeable blades ensure that your time is spent where it should be: designing your final product. Along with the BK-Medent blades, the handles can accept many other brands of blades as well.

The #140 Handle is made from brushed aluminum and is a straight barrel style.

The #150 Handle is made from brushed aluminum and is a tapered barrel style.

The #150N Handle is made from polycarbonate and is a tapered barrel style.

Next are the sculpturing blades. BK-Medent offers a variety of shapes for completing different porcelain build-up and carving tasks. The blades come on "card" and the individual blades can be removed as needed. Each card consists of 2 each of 3 different styles, for a total of 6 blades. The porcelain sculpturing blades have the perfect balance of flexibility and endurance, with a thickness of 0.1 mm. Each blade and handle set comes with one card of blades, and the cards of blades are also available separately.

The blade set #141 (below left) has a regular knife blade, a wide drop point style blade and a serrated regular blade. The blade set #142 (below right) has a mamelon cutter, a serrated trailing point style blade and a clip point stye blade.

When it comes to choosing your set all you have to do is pick out the handle, then pick the blades you want and then find the corresponding set that has the handle/blade combination of your choosing. Another tip is that the 145 Series features the #141 blades and the 146 Series features the #142 blades. So let's say you want the #150N handle and the #142 blades - then you would want to choose the #146C Set. With six sets available we offer every possible combination.

BK-Medent Porcelain Sculpturing Blade & Handle Sets are great tools for building up, sculpturing, carving, cutting back and more. No other blades offer the ability to create such intricate detail in a variety of sculpturing tasks. With six different blades at your fingertips and handles created for ultimate comfort, our system will be certain to meet the demands of any ceramist.