ProLine Waxes


From sculpting to dipping to milling and everything in between, our ProLine Waxes cover the entire spectrum of dental work. Formulated with the highest quality raw materials ProLine Waxes deliver user friendly handling qualities and predictable results. Whatever type of tools you use to complete your waxing tasks you can count on ProLine Waxes giving you the flexibility you need.

ProLine Waxes can be broken down into 4 main categories:

  • ProLine Sculpturing Waxes fuse together the best carving, modeling and handling characteristics to offer a wax of unequaled quality. We offer a choice of 3 different levels of firmness and a wide selection of colors. We also offer opaque colors that are great for providing a deep contrast or for masking out darker colors.
  • ProLine Dipping Waxes are formulated using the finest raw materials to deliver dependable and accurate results. They burn out cleanly and are never gummy or hard to work with. With 3 different formulations to choose from our dipping waxes are sure to meet your demands.
  • ProLine Specialty Waxes includes includes our Diagnostic Wax, Margin Wax and Milling Wax. Our Diagnostic Wax comes in a bleach white or ivory white shade and is great for creating esthetically pleasing presentation models. ProLine Margin Wax is the ultimate finishing touch, allowing cervical areas to be completely sealed. Extremely tough and stable ProLine Milling Wax allows technicians to achieve the highest levels of accuracy.
  • ProLine Sticky Waxes includes four uniquely formulated waxes that cover a wide range of applications. While a general purpose sticky wax is a great choice for many labs, some require technique specific options. Whether articulating models, connecting bridgework, needing a "wax glue" or just a universal sticky wax we have it covered.

Don't worry, if you are not sure which wax is right for you simply request our free Wax Sample Kit. The kit includes a wide selection of ProLine Waxes to give technicians the ability to experience the different characteristics each one offers.

In addition to our ProLine Waxes we offer an exciting line of electric waxing devices. This includes the Heating Clear, Art Waxer and the Uni Waxer 3-in-1 waxing device. Be sure to learn more.