Risk-Free G2 Model Saw Demo


The G2 Model Saw offers a modern approach to an age old process. Models have traditionally been sectioned one of two ways - with a hand saw or with a diamond disc mounted in a handpiece. While using a hand saw is relatively safe, it is time consuming and the results are not always accurate. On the other hand, using a diamond disc in a handpiece allows for faster cutting, but safety is a concern and the cuts can be unpredictable.

By deploying multiple safety features and a unique sawing process the Schick G2-Concept Model Saw delivers model work that is both functional and visually appealing, while at the same time reducing the amount of labor required and increasing safety to the highest levels. Labs that purchase the G2 find that it is an investment that quickly pays for itself by reducing the time needed to process models to a fraction of what it previously took. Better results, safer work environment and cost savings - the G2 can't be beat!

More and more labs are modernizing their model department with the G2 Model Saw and unlocking its potential. We realize you might be skeptical and that is why we offer a Risk-Free Demo program that allows you to try the G2 in your own laboratory. If you are interested in test driving the G2 Model Saw simply contact us and we will arrange for a saw to be sent to your lab.