R-Mixing Palette puts you in control


Whether you work with dry powders or wet your powders by hand, the R-Mixing Palette is a great choice. The large glass surface provides ample working room, and the 16 wells on the outer edge provide room to store additional powders or liquids.

  • Made from a high impact plastic, the palette has a double shell and closed bottom for the ultimate in durability.
  • Thick, polished glass slab can be lifted out of the base for easy cleanup.
  • Entire unit is protected from debris by a tight fitting lid. This efficient seal also prevents evaporation of moistened materials.
  • Perfect for stain, opaque and modifier materials that come ready to use or require controlled amounts of special liquid.

The R-Mixing Palette puts the user in control of their materials, and allows them to maintain the desired consistency. The semicircle layout is designed to provide optimal visual organization for a stress free work experience. Offering an efficient design and easy to use characteristics the R-Mixing Palette is perfect for any bench.