Schick is sporting a new look


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw has been redesigned is now available with a new look, along with a few other added features. The popular G2 Model Saw has gone from yellow to a new white color, with a checkerboard pattern on the sawing table. Schick also managed to make a very safe device even safer by adding a metal guard under the saw blade. The new guard will help stop the blade from contacting anything that is directly beneath it. The other feature Schick added to the G2 is a new, more "rubberized" pad on the sawing table. The new pad has more grab, and users of pinned models will be able to get a better grip when sawing.

The G2 is not the only thing that is getting a new look, over the coming months Schick will be changing its other equipment to the new clean looking white color. All of the S-Technology Milling Machines, the G-Series Model Production Equipment and most of the other Schick equipment will get the new color treatment. The new white color gives the equipment a more contemporary look and will fit well with any color of bench.

The G2 has become more popular than ever as more labs find out how much it can reduce their model production time. It can turn an hour long job into only a few minutes, all while delivering great looking and accurate results. With numerous safety features the G2 is a much better solution than a handpiece mounted diamond disc, a handsaw or any of the other saws on the market. Schick spent a lot of time engineering and designing the G2, and they continue to make improvements to make the device even safer and easier to use.

If you have never had the opportunity to test the G2 then you don't know what you are missing. That is why we are offering a risk-free demo that allows you to try the G2 in your own lab, with your own models and at your own pace. If you are interested in taking advantage of this risk-free demo just give us a call at 800-729-8192.