Vacalon Waxer Line-Up


With Heating Clear, Uni Waxer and Art Waxer Vacalon is able to offer a complete line of waxing devices to dental laboratories. All three devices are constructed using high quality components, offer easy to use features and are competitively priced. The only thing you need to do is decide which device is right for you.

Heating Clear is a flame-free instrument heater that allows dental technicians to use their traditional tools without having to deal with gas lines and open flames. Heating Clear uses special induction heating technology to heat up all kinds of metal instrument in seconds, while doing it in a clean, green and safe way. Plus, there are no messy soot particles to clean up or to contaminate wax. Labs can easily eliminate burns and fire risks by deploying this easy to use device.

Art Waxer is a sophisticated electronic waxer that offers dual pencils and is perfect for all types of waxing tasks. It uses smart technology to quickly heat up and maintain the desired temperature throughout the waxing process. Users can change temperatures and other settings with ease, and with minimal interruption. The organizer on the back of the unit offers space to store the seven different tips included with Art Waxer and magnetic cradles on the side of the unit hold the wax pencils post-project, or even during a brief break.

Uni Waxer combines three different waxing technologies into one compact and convenient device. The flame-free instrument heater quickly and easily heats metal instruments, without having to deal with open flames. The wax dipping pot is ready to help create dipped wax copings and offers a generous size well for repeated usage. The electric wax pencil is ready for build-up, sealing or spruing tasks and easily stores in the magnetic cradle on the back of the unit. The combination of these three technologies deliver everything a technician needs directly to their fingertips.

Which waxing device is right for your laboratory? Get more information at our website or by contacting us.