Your 2013 "Beat the Freeze" Reminder


With most of the country enjoying a mild fall it's hard to think about winter being right around the corner. But once it arrives the cold weather can complicate the shipping of many temperature sensitive products. While most of our products can be shipped year round, our Z4 Expansion Liquid is one item that cannot be allowed to freeze.

That's why every fall dental laboratories should make sure to stock up on enough Z4 Expansion Liquid to last until the following spring. The time frames can be different depending on the area of the country where you are located, and can also depend on where your orders are shipped from. For example, since we are located in Ohio we typically stop shipping freeze sensitive products in November and it is not until late March or early April that we are able to resume shipping these products.

If the weather in your area is similar, or just as important if the weather in your supplier's area is similar, then you need to plan on having enough stock to get through 5 or 6 months. Keep in mind that even if you are located in an area that has mild winters when your supplier ships your orders they might travel through some cold weather. As anyone that has tracked a package with their carrier knows, sometimes a package has to go north before it goes south.

To help avoid expensive shipping costs, or worse to avert the possibility of having many cases to press or cast but finding yourself flat out of liquid, we recommend stocking up on enough Z4 Expansion Liquid to get through six months. Here is a good formula to help you calculate the proper amount of liquid to purchase:

  • Take the number of cases of Z4 Investment you use per month
  • Multiply that by 2 (bottles of liquid needed per box)
  • Multiple that result by 6 (number of months)

So if you use an average of 4 cases per month it would go something like this:

4 (cases) X 2 (bottle per case) X 6 (months) = 48 bottle of Z4 Expansion Liquid

* One thing to note is that our 100 gram and 60 gram envelope sizes normally require 2 bottle of liquid per box, but if you use our 500 gram semi-bulk packaging then you need to calculate for 3 bottles of liquid per box.

Many people ask about the shelf life of Z4 Expansion Liquid and worry about buying too much when they stock up. Certainly keeping your liquid as fresh as possible is a good idea, but Z4 Expansion Liquid can last for several years if it simply stored at room temperature and out of the light. So we tell people to store their liquid in a box and in a storage closet or room. Unopened bottles stored properly will last for several years without any issues.