Trays to improve your porcelain handling


If you're in the market for a new porcelain mixing tray be sure to take a look at the auto-mixing palettes from BK-Medent. These moisturizing palettes use capillary action that helps porcelain powders to achieve and maintain the perfect consistency. In addition to a quicker and more efficient working process, the BK-Medent auto-mixing palettes offer a smooth work surface that won't ruin your brushes. With ample working space and mixing wells you can't go wrong with one of the BK-Medent mixing palettes.

The BK-Medent auto-mixing palettes come in different variations, as well as with different working surfaces. Whether you opt for the disposable mylar membrane filter (standard trays) or the reusable metallic filter (M-Series), no other tray can compare.

Here are a couple videos that show how the auto-mixing palettes work. Be sure to check them out and then head over to our website to order your palette today.