One-of-a-kind waxing device


Uni Waxer is a one-of-a-kind device that packs a flame-free instrument heater, electric wax pencil and a wax dipping pot into one compact unit. Uni Waxer gives technicians flexibility and reduces bench clutter by replacing Bunsen burners, dipping pots and electric waxers. Whatever waxing task you need to complete, Uni Waxer has have you covered.

That's right, instead of buying 3 or more different devices you now only need one Uni Waxer. The Uni Waxer is easy to use and gives technicians the option to use one, two or all three functions at one time – in whatever configuration they require. For a limited time you can get the Uni Waxer for only $329 - so order your Uni Waxer today!