ProGrip Crown Holders


Sometimes dental technicians are faced with unusual problems. For example, when completing tasks like staining, glazing or building porcelain technicians need to have a firm hold on the restoration. In addition, they need to maintain unrestricted access to the work-piece. Fortunately our ProGrip Crown Holders provide the perfect solution to this problem.

Our ProGrip Crown Holders provide a strong grip from inside the crown and offer unrestricted access to the entire exterior of the work-piece. They are designed with specially shaped diamond tips that not only secure the restoration, but they do it in a way that does not risk damage to the margins. All of our ProGrip Crown Holders are easily adjusted to fit restorations of all sizes, even small anterior crowns. Their durable brushed stainless steel construction is easy to clean and ensures they will deliver years of trouble-free use.

Our ProGrip Crown Holders come in 4 different styles:

  • TS1 Curved Tweezer Style Crown Holders
  • TS2 Straight Tweezer Style Crown Holders
  • TS3 Curved Tweezer Style Crown Holders with Stand
  • HS1 Hemostat Style Crown Holders

The tweezer style crown holders all utilize a easy-adjust thumb screw, while the hemostat style has a precision gripping ratchet.

Sometimes simple is better, and that is certainly the case with our ProGrip Crown Holders.