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New Arctic Grinder Shapes


We're thrilled to announce the addition of three new shapes to our already exceptional Arctic Grinder lineup, elevating your grinding experience to new heights. With these smaller-sized tools,…
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Introducing Panther Abutment Series


Process-related impurities are a real concern with CAD/CAM abutments and implant components. Regardless of where production occurs, in the lab or at a milling center - milled implant components are…
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The Right Tools


Panther Stones the perfect choice for all-ceramic restorations. They feature a new open structure binder that, when used correctly, stops heat from developing on the restorative surface. While the…
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HydroSmooth: The key to accurate models


Why settle for less when you can achieve bubble-free models and precision castings? As the ultimate debubblizing and surfactant solution, HydroSmooth is the perfect choice for…
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5 Reasons to Switch to Z4 Universal Investment


Z4 is a precise and consistent high-speed investment. It performs under the most demanding circumstances with unequaled consistency and reliability. Here are a few more reasons you should be using Z4…
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New Schick Q Mobile Handpiece


One of the most exciting things to come out of the IDS in Germany this year was from Schick Dental: The Q Mobile Handpiece. The unique design of this handpiece allows users to cut the cord, and d…
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CAD-Cast or Press with Z4


Increase your options when you integrate your digital and analog workflows with Z4 Universal Investment. Producing digital wax-ups by milling or printing can be an efficient way to blend your digita…
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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Arctic Grinders


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Vacalon Arctic Grinders Our Arctic Grinders are perfect choice for zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramic materials. They’re a favorite among dental tech…
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Tame your zirconia with our Vega Polishers


Vega Polishers are ideally suited for taming even the strongest high-performance ceramics. Possessing a high concentration of specially developed diamond grains, Vega Polishers perform at the highest…
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Finish your PEEK with Nova Polishers


Biocompatible, high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK, PEK and Pekkton are quickly making their way into dental laboratories. In response, we developed our Nova Polishers with a special polishing m…
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Matrix Shapers for green state zirconia


Matrix Shapers make working with milled zirconia an easy task. These tools allow technicians to efficiently reduce milling support bars, make adjustments, and smooth the surface of unsintered zirconia…
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Get high luster results with Sigma Polishers


Sigma Polishers provide the most efficient solution for contouring, smoothing and polishing all types of conventional ceramic materials. Infused with a high content of diamond grains, these polishers…
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Quickcheck - The Perfect Scan Spray


Quickcheck delivers outstanding scans for a fraction of the price of expensive scans sprays. Try Quickcheck today and find out why so many labs won't go without it.…
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Panther Polishers deliver without compromise


With our new Panther Polishers, a smooth, high-gloss finish is delivered in just two steps. As monolithic all-ceramic restoration usage continues to increase, so does the need for laboratories to be a…
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Get control with Nexus Buffs


Every department In your lab can benefit from Nexus Buffs. They feature a unique woven design and a low operational speed, delivering a long service life. Users have more control as the gentle action…
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Stock up on liquid and beat the freeze


It's been a mild Fall so far, but the temperatures are starting to drop. It will only be a short time before the really cold weather arrives and we are unable to ship our freeze sensitive products. Th…
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Test drive our products


Sometimes you just want to test a product to see if it's a good fit - that's why we offer free samples of many of our products. If you're interested in trying our BK Double Pins, Z4 Investment, Insta-…
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Video: Schick S Ceramic Milling System


With the Schick S Ceramic system, milling machines can easily be converted for the wet grinding of ceramics. The high-speed air turbine is LED light equipped and water cooled, so temperatures are kept…
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What size Disposable Plungers do you need?


Vacalon offers four different sizes of disposable plungers - but what are the sizes and what systems do they work with? There are many different pressable ceramic systems available so it is impossible…
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Our Double Pins make it easy


You know what is really terrible about some of the double dowel pins on the market today? The fact that you have to pluck all of those rubber end caps off the sheet. I mean sure, it seems like a minor…
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New Nova Polishers for PEEK materials


New materials? New tools. Biocompatible, high-performance thermoplastics like PEEK, PEK and Pekkton are quickly making their way into dental laboratories. In response, we developed our Nova Polishers…
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Introducing Panther Polishers


We are excited to announce the release of our new Panther Polishers: High-gloss polishers for zirconia, lithium disilicate and conventional ceramics. These premium instruments offer a simple solution…
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What's your Vacalon Rotary Lineup?


With so many options to choose from it is inevitable that technicians will create their own rotary system for finishing restorations. Beyond the different product choices there are grits, shapes and s…
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New shapes added to Arctic Grinders


We've added 3 more coarse grit shapes to our Arctic Grinder lineup. These tools are more aggressive than our medium grit, but still offer a gentle grinding action. Plus, they run true and cool - helpi…
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Our Rotary Tool promo has been extended!


Our Rotary Tool promotion has been a huge success - so we are going to extend it for a little while longer. When you shop our high quality polishers and grinders the more you add to your cart the more…
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Z4 is the only investment you need


It was only a matter of time before companies started selling expensive "new" and "special" investments for casting and pressing patterns produced on 3D printers. The fact is you don't need them when…
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Insta-Peg: Now available in white


We're excited to announce that our popular Insta-Peg Custom Peg Putty is now available in white. It offers all of the same great characteristics that dental technicians have come to appreciate in our…
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Ensure accuracy with Quickcheck


Quickcheck Indicating Spray remains one of the easiest and most efficient ways to ensure a perfect fit on all of your restorations. It only takes a minute to check for any trouble areas before you sen…
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Cast or press 3D printed patterns with Z4


More and more we are seeing labs integrate 3D printers into their workflow to print wax patterns. Whether they are printing copings for casting, full contour for pressing or framework for partial dent…
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New Arctic Grinder Shapes Now Available!


We've received a ton positive feedback from labs since we released our Arctic Grinders last year. Technicians tell us how they prefer working with them because they run so cool and stable - giving the…
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Tackle your ceramics with Sigma Polishers


Traditional ceramic materials require a different type of polisher than high strength ceramics like zirconia. Sigma Polishers are infused with a high content of diamond grains to work quickly and prod…
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A modern approach to polishing acrylic


Get a high shine on your acrylic appliances without the use of pastes or compounds. Zulu Acrylic Polishers are suitable for all types of acrylic, including milled PMMA, denture base, orthodontic acryl…
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Better polishing of high performance ceramics


If you're looking for a better option to finish and polish your zirconia, e.max and other high performance ceramics be sure to try our Vega Polishers. With 3 different grits and 5 different shapes you…
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Make things easy with Matrix Shapers


When you use our Matrix Shapers working with green state zirconia could not be easier. They allow technicians to efficiently reduce support bars, make adjustments and smooth the surface of zirconia re…
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Easily section models with the Schick G2


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw is one of the best investments a dental laboratory can make. If time is money, then the the G2 is absolutely a huge cost-savings tool. Just check out Schick's video bel…
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Nexus Buffs are a unique choice


Smooth, remove scratches and pre-polish a wide variety of materials with these abrasive infused pads. Nexus Buffs feature a unique woven design and a low operational speed, delivering a long service l…
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Save big on all our rotary tools


Right now you can save up to 20% when you order our new rotary tools. You can mix and match all of our tools to achieve quantities of 3 to get 10% off and 6+ to get 20% off. That means you can pick fr…
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Arctic Grinders keep things cool


Whether you're adjusting zirconia, lithium disilicate or traditional ceramics you can keep things cool with our Arctic Grinders. With low heat generation and high stability these diamond infused grind…
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BK Double Pins offer a stable solution


Our BK Double Pins deliver an outstanding product, for an attractive price. But when we we talk about the high quality of our BK Double Pins what do we mean? The simple answer is that these pins deliv…
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Schick & Microstar Handpiece Repairs


Vacalon offers repair services for Schick and Microstar handpieces - including the V-40 and VK-40. If your handpiece is not running like it should and you've put off getting it fixed, don't delay any…
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New Quickcheck Indicating Spray Video


With so many uses Quickcheck Indicating Spray is sure to come in handy all over your lab. Quickcheck works well on any surface. The quick, instantaneous fingertip application dispenses a micro-fine la…
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Schick G2 - Saw like a boss


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw is one of the best investments a dental laboratory can make. The G2 cuts from underneath and avoids the problems (like chipped margins and crooked cuts) that are associ…
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Find an authorized Vacalon distributor


At Vacalon we're proud to work with some of the best companies in the industry. Our goal has always been to make sure our users can get our products where they want them, when they want them. That's w…
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Huge savings on all rotary tools!


If your current rotary tools just aren't cutting it, then maybe it's time to take a look at Vacalon's new rotary lineup. With tools designed for zirconia, e.max, traditional ceramics, acrylics and mor…
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Don't trust your V-40 with just anyone


Our goal is to help dental laboratories get as much life as possible out of their Schick and Microstar Handpieces. That's why it is discouraging to see some of the damage that ill-equipped repair s…
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Early Beat the Freeze Warning 2016


Even though it is just starting to cool off it will only be a matter of time before the freezing cold temperatures arrive. Once the temperatures drop we can have trouble shipping our freeze sensitive…
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Repair a V-40 handpiece in only 90 seconds


Ever wondered what it takes to repair a Microstar V-40 or Schick C2-Profi handpiece? Perhaps you are interested in finding out how much time is involved? Well we are going to let the cat of b…
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Meet the Schick Q Basic Electric Handpiece


Take a minute to meet the Schick Q Basic Electric Handpiece - we think you will like what you see. The Q Basic is Schick's latest electric handpiece and it offers outstanding performance. It runs very…
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Time to change your V-40's chuck?


If you need to change the chuck in your Microstar V-40, but are not sure how to do it, then we have a video for you. We walk you through the process of removing the old chuck and then installing the n…
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Let Sigma Polishers help you get it done right


Once you try our Sigma Polishers they'll become your go-to tools for all of your ceramic restorations. That's because they provide the most efficient solution for contouring, smoothing and polishing a…
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Can't mill it? Cast it with Z4.


Big brother got you down and out about your custom implant components? Is your outsourcing bill getting bigger and bigger while your profit margins are getting smaller and smaller? Having someone else…
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Zulu Acrylic Polishers


With our Zulu Polishers you can forget about using pastes and other compounds when polishing acrylic materials. These easy to use tools are made with a durable binding material that make achieving hig…
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You need a smooth, stable handpiece


Whatever you do in the dental laboratory there is a good chance you rely on an electric micromotor to get your job done. And because we use them for all types of tasks - cutting, grinding, adjusting a…
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Keep it cool with Arctic Grinders


To avoid micro-fractures while working with ceramics it is an absolute must for your tools to run cool and true. To achieve this Arctic Grinders utilize a unique bonding system and specially shaped di…
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CAD/Cast or Press with Z4 Investment


Z4 Universal Investment is the perfect choice for casting or pressing CAD designed wax-ups. Producing digital wax-ups by milling or printing can be an efficient way to integrate your digital and analo…
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Easily work with green state zirconia


Our Matrix Shapers are the perfect choice when working with unsintered (aka. green state) zirconia. With these tools you can make quick work of removing milling support bars, making adjustments and sm…
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Perfection in pressing


When it comes to achieving perfect pressings there is really only one option: Z4 Universal Investment. Whatever pressing system you work with Z4 is sure to give you more precise and predictable result…
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Introducing the versatile Nexus Buffs


Our Nexus Buffs can be used to smooth, remove scratches and pre-polish a wide variety of materials. These instruments are made from a special pad that is infused with an abrasive material to achieve t…
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Put the Schick Q Basic to work in your lab


On a daily basis technicians might find themselves using their handpiece for long stretches at a time. That's why it is important for these machines to consistently perform at optimum levels. It is a…
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New Vega Polishers for high-strength ceramics


Harder, high-strength ceramics demand high-performance polishing instruments, and our Vega Polishers help you meet those demands. They are ideally suited for working with zirconia, lithium disilicate…
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Introducing Vacalon's New Rotary Products


At Vacalon we are always working hard to make sure we offer the best possible products for dental laboratories. That is why we are excited to announce the release of our new line of rotary tools that…
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Porcelain mixing made easy


BK-Medent Auto-Mixing Palettes offer the ultimate way to control moisture and keep porcelain powders at the perfect consistency for build-up. With BK-Medent trays, you achieve a quicker and more effic…
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Last call - winter is coming


Here in Central Ohio it has been a mild fall, but we all know winter is right around the corner. So if you have not stocked up on N&V Expansion Liquid for your Z4 Universal Investment or MG-Vest Parti…
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Take a risk-free G2 Model Saw test drive


If you're thinking of adding the Schick G2 Model Saw to your laboratory, but need a little more convincing, then now is your chance to try it out before you buy it. Sure, if you ask us we'll tell you…
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Controlled powder measuring and mixing


Whatever the task at hand our Powder Scoop Set allows dental technicians to easily measure and dispense powders at the bench. The scoops can be used with porcelains, resins and virtually any other typ…
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Early "Beat the Freeze" warning


We're still enjoying warm weather here in Central Ohio, but we know that Old Man Winter will soon be bringing his cold temperatures to town. Once the temperatures drop we will have trouble shipping ou…
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The perfect putty for stable results


When firing porcelain Insta-Peg makes balancing your restorations simple and secure. Insta-Peg Custom Peg Putty is the perfect choice for providing the high levels of support every lab needs.Whether y…
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Take the G2 for a test drive


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw is changing the way model departments around the world operate. By reducing processing time the G2 can increase productivity, while simultaneously improving the quality…
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Stop the investment guessing game


Is it time you discover all of the benefits Z4 has to offer? Consistency, accuracy and ease of use are just some of the ways that Z4 helps laboratories get the job done right – the first time. Start w…
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Welcome the new Schick Q Basic


Over the past 50 years Schick Dental has continually redefined the meaning of a high-performance micromotor, and with the new Q Basic they've upped the ante yet again. Drawing on their extensive exper…
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New Schick Q Basic Handpiece


We're excited to announce the release of the newest micromotor from our partners at Schick Dental - the Q Basic. This new electric handpiece combines robust technology and an ergonomic design. With am…
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Choose Vacalon Disposable Plungers


Not only do Vacalon Disposable Press Plungers offer an easier pressing process, they do it while delivering better results and providing a more cost effective solution than alox plungers. Short presse…
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Nationwide network of distributors


At Vacalon we've built a strong network of dealers across the United States, Canada and in many other countries around the world. We're proud to work with the best companies in the industry to make su…
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Z4 - The best investment for pressables


Pressing high performance ceramic materials, such as lithium disilicate, requires the use of a high quality investment. And every day more labs are finding out that Z4 Rapid Cast Investment is the per…
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Does your V-40 need a tune-up?


As they cut, grind and polish electric handpieces take a lot of wear and tear. Eventually this wear will take its toll and that's when it is time to get it tuned-up. When it comes to electric micromot…
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Try the G2 Model Saw in your lab


The Schick G2-Concept Model Saw is revolutionizing the way dental labs prepare their model work. Technicians can use the G2 to easily section models with smooth and straight die walls, all without dam…
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Are you tired getting bubbles and voids in your model work or castings? They can be a real headache and by the time you see them it is usually too late. You end up having to re-pour your models or spe…
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Casting printed partial dentures with MG-Vest


Last month we wrote about using Z4 Universal Investment with your digital wax-ups and since then we have had several people ask about casting their printed partial denture framework patterns. Luckily…
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Want to test drive one of our products?


We understand that there are times when you might want to try an item before you order it, and that is why we make it easy to request samples of many of our products. There are a lot of reasons you mi…
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Digital wax-ups + Z4 Investment


Today more and more dental laboratories are looking to boost productivity and increase consistency by integrating 3D printing or wax milling into their workflow. Equipment costs have decreased and the…
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Stop plucking the rubber


Sometimes it's the little things that matter the most. For example, most double dowel pin systems come packaged with their rubber end caps on sheets. This can be a real pain since every end cap has to…
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Can Vacalon repair my handpiece?


Vacalon performs repair services on all Schick handpieces, as well as the Microstar V-40. In fact, we are the only Schick Certified Repair Center in the United States. That means that along with being…
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What is a real rapid cast investment?


We've noticed that the term "rapid cast" is used very loosely to classify and describe investments and we would like to take this opportunity to clear up any confusion. To be able to be considered a R…
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The problem with overheated alloy


Porosity, miscasts and rough castings are just a few of the unwanted results from alloy that has been overheated. In fact, overheating alloy during the casting process can result in numerous problems,…
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Why is my handpiece cutting in and out?


It always happens when you are polishing those final few crowns to get them ready for delivery tomorrow - your handpiece cuts out on you. You wiggle the cord and it starts running again, only to have…
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When will I get my order?


You want to get your order in a timely manner and you want it to be correct. We don't think that is too much to ask and honestly we feel the same way when we are shopping online. That's why we make ge…
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Take the G2 Model Saw for a spin


So you're interested in the Schick G2-Concept Model Saw, and think you might want to pick one up. You read up on the G2 Model Saw at our website and you watched our demonstration video, but you are st…
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